Fiona ‘Fee’ Potts has a strange story to tell and Dennis Milton, host of the paranormal podcast 'The Undiscovered' is eager to hear it.  What he doesn’t know is there are other ears listening. Will she be able to get her story out before she becomes a casualty of it?

Meredith Hama-Brown

Fiona “Fee” Potts


Meredith Hama-Brown is a writer, director and actor from Vancouver, British Columbia. As an actor she has appeared in a number of independent and commercial productions. She has recently worked with many up-and-coming directors, including Room Collective, Matthew Tichenor and Devan Scott/Will Ross.

Dan Zappulla

Dennis Milton


Based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Dan Zappulla is a seasoned voice actor most widely known for his work on The NoSleep Podcast and the upcoming dramatic podcast The Death of Dr. John Parker. The Fiona Potts Interview is his first appearance in a Rick Coste production.


For more information, please visit or follow Dan on Twitter @danzappulla.

Dan Powell

James Allen


Dan Powell is a podcast producer, audio engineer and sound designer. He is one half of Dead Signals, the production team between found-footage horror podcast Archive 81 and their more recent sci-fi adventure story, The Deep Vault. Originally hailing from the mountains of Northwest Georgia, he now lives in Brooklyn and divides his time between working as a radio engineer, managing a sound effects library and making weird and otherworldly sounds in his apartment. You can follow him on twitter @stereophobe

Robert Cudmore



Robert is a podcaster, radio lecturer and audio drama creator, having starred in Edict Zero, Aftermath and Campfire Radio Theater.

Kevin Kolack



Kevin has been seen in more than three dozen films and TV shows, and has appeared in stand-up comedy clubs around NYC, in addition to touring the country putting on a one-man, multiple-puppet show. Possessing an unusually broad facility with character voice work, you may also hear one of his many voices in a variety of television and radio commercials and cartoons. Learn more about Kevin and his work at

Guest Stars:

        Rebel Raconteuse

        Christopher Gronlund

        Cynthia Griffith

        Keith Gorney

Written, Directed & Produced

Rick Coste



Cover Photo by Viktor Nikolaienko


The Fiona Potts Intro/Outro Music

‘Mystic Jungle’ by Darren Curtis




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