State of the Art Address - November 2016

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First up, Bryar Lane is gaining an audience with each episode.  As of this moment five episodes have been released (with 13 to go!).  I’m extremely proud of this show and the performances so anything you can do to help ‘spread the word’ would be wonderful!  I have plans to expand the show into other areas and will let you know as those plans develop.


The Fiona Potts Interview is still in production. Meredith Hama-Brown, Dan Zappulla, Robert Cudmore, and Kevin Kolack (with some supporting cast as well) have stepped up to the mic with incredible performances.  Look for this show to be released around the time that Bryar Lane wraps up at the end of January.  When it does, listen for a couple of easter eggs which tie the two shows together!

Waterguns & Rainbows has been cast and we went through a read through via Skype last week.  It sounded amazing!


Charlie’s Mailbox is about to enter production with a very talented young actress (who also stars in Waterguns & Rainbows).  She will be bringing the voice of Charlie to life.  Patreon supporters will get to hear all eight episodes of this show before it is released to the public.  I hope to have that ready after the first of the year.


And last but not least, the script for “Izzy: A Behemoth Story” is coming along and wait until you see the cover art by Djamila Knopf!

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