Pixie, a sad and lonely demon, finds solace in the beautiful pictures she creates.  Accompanied by her best friend, a bat named Waine, Pixie searches for a way out of her evil father’s kingdom before he can forever crush her dreams and force her to become the kind of demon she doesn’t want to be.

Nichole Goodnight



Nichole Goodnight is a Rochester, NY-based voiceover artist, known primarily for her recurring voice work on the award-winning NoSleep Podcast. Nichole is eager to expand her range and take part in new projects, particularly projects involving bizarre, idiosyncratic characters and monsters with a heart. She has many pets and is rarely seen without an interesting hair-color.

Owen McCuen



Owen McCuen is an actor and voice over artist with a gift for expressive portrayals. In front of the camera or in the booth, Owen draws his inspiration from legendary performers like Mel Blanc and Jim Henson-- His ability to inhabit a character brings your scripts to life. Owen has been studying with renowned voice artist and coach Joanne Joella of Joella Arts since 2004. Under her guidance, Owen has earned roles in audio drama, radio, internet, television, and film. Expert training, a powerful work ethic, and passion for performing: Recruit a strong member of your artistic team; contact Owen and make your scripts come alive!

Jack Tracksler



Jack Tracksler is a voice artist and actor.  He has lent his voice to commercials, radio spots, and narration.  An accomplished actor, Jack has appeared on stage and in feature films that include, most recently, Finding Hope, Harvey the Great, and Pretend.  


Learn  more about Jack and his work at JTracksler.com

Jeremy Smith-Sebasto



Jeremy Smith-Sebasto is a voice actor, casting director, composer, and audio engineer. Equally at home behind the mic, in the control room, gathering fellow voice talent, or writing a score; he enjoys functioning behind the scenes of a production. Jeremy pulls from both his scientific upbringing and his indomitable free-spirit to blend the proper balance of technique and artistry in every production. A perpetual student, Jeremy is a lover of the philosophy of storytelling/mythology, which helps him to bring a unique perspective to each and every story.

James Oliva



Currently the voice of Michael Tate on popular audio podcast drama Greater Boston, he has also had guest appearances on Ars Paradoxica, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Seminar, Big Data, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and Radiation World. He was a finalist for an 2016 Audio Verse Award in the category of Best Performance of an Actor in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production. James also has his own podcast drama that he has written and directed called What’s The Frequency?

Mark Coutu



Following his dream of being a voice talent, Mark decided to leave the stability of his science lab, and join in the ranks of professional voice over. Starting in late 2015, he started doing radio commercials and is now heard on the Las Vegas radio waves, soon adding New York and Los Angeles to the places his voice has traveled to. He can also be heard online, joining the ranks of several audio dramas and animations, and even a few mobile games. When he isn't in his studio, it wouldn't be hard to hear him sitting with friends and practicing his craft around a table, during several weekly tabletop gaming sessions. He wouldn't be here if not for his late father, who was the one who gave him this gift. "It's all for you Dad."

Fiona Thraille

The Goddess


Fiona Thraille is a British voice actor, narrator and audio producer who has worked in voiceover, podcasts, and who has narrated and produced over a dozen audiobooks through Audible.

For a year she recently co-hosted and produced The Audio Drama Production Podcast, and is excited to be part of their UK troupe taking new audio dramas onto the stage this spring.

Lane Lloyd


Karim Kronfli



Karim has been a professional performer for more than 20 years,originally working as a medieval entertainer.  With plays and film added to his professional repertoire, Karim now loves directing as much as performing.  Trained at City Lit in London after first working behind the microphone at BFBS, he specializes in narration and audio drama. 

He has a powerful and flexible voice, capable of delivering a wide range of characters. Listeners may recognize as Karim as "Walter 'Troubles' Mix“ from What's The Frequency, “Bruce Mercer” from A Scottish Podcast or Commander Taggart” from The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project,  

You can follow him on Twitter @BullshotUK  https://twitter.com/BullshotUK or FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/karim.kronfli.va/

Lorraine Ansell



Lorraine Ansell is an experienced voiceover artist and focuses on characters weaving stories through the power of her vocal delivery. She enjoys working on audio dramas with characters that have a story to tell from children to 30s and in British RP and Spanish LAS. Lorraine is located in the UK but works globally. She has recently featured in Audible's Original Drama 'Northanger Abbey' with Emma Thompson and Lily Cole and is delighted to reprise the role of Milly for Pixie. www.lorrainevoiceart.com

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