It’s been fourteen years since anyone has last seen Max.  Now an adult, Izzy travels to the Solomon Islands to reconnect with her past.

Kelly McCabe



Kelly studied theatre at SUNY Geneseo, Emerson College and Boston University. She has worked with a variety of theatres in the Boston and San Francisco area, including Interrobang Theatre Co, TheatreWorks and Boston Playwrights Theatre. She is currently the voice of Nica Stamatis on the speculative fiction podcast, Greater Boston.

Liz Liu



Star of the ‘The Behemoth’, Liz is a mild mannered student by day, Lizbeth Liu stands in closets and records herself talking at night. After being cast as “Boy #2” in a radio play, she gained the confidence to pursue her dream of voice acting. Since then, she has been lucky enough to be involved in Altered Avalon, Skynetessa, and many other cool projects. In the future, Lizbeth hopes to have more opportunities to stand in closets while talking to herself.

Written, Directed & Produced

Rick Coste



Djamila Knopf 


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