Tamara Tracer has a past she is hoping to hide.  She is known as ‘Tracy Tanner’ to the residents of Hemlock, and they have no idea who she really is or what she has done.  Their quiet librarian is, in fact, a woman with very incredible powers.

Carrie Olsen

Tamara Tracer


Carrie Olsen is a voice actor, business coach, wife, and mother who has lent her voice to brands like Kmart, Taco Bell, Bank of America, REI and others. She shares her voiceover passion and expertise in her online courses, blog, and podcast. When she's not in her voiceover booth, you can find her hiding out in a coffee shop in Kansas City with her husband and daughters.

Joe Stofko

Mr. Merritt


From musician to broadcasting to theatre, Joe is an accomplished stage and audio drama actor who even has some indie film experience. Some of his favorite stage credits include Martin Vanderhoff in You Can’t Take It With You, Captain Bracket in South Pacific and Pop in Gypsy.  His audio credits include appearances in dramas for a number of production companies including Misfits Audio, BrokenSea, Campfire Radio Theatre, Colonial Radio Theater, Electric Vicuna Productions, Precarious Audio, Decorated Air Theater, Small Town Podcast/Creepy Podcast, NARADA Radio Company, Harvest Audio Productions and many others.

Joe lives in Connecticut.

Mark Coutu

Library Patron


Mild mannered scientist by day, gamer by night, Mark has just recently attempted to break into the voice over industry. He has always had a great passion for theater and singing, and its something he is hoping be able to follow his true passion in. A talent for actor given to him by his late father, he always dedicates everything he does to him. "It's all for you Dad."

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