Milly's family has moved to the small village of Bryar Lane.  She is soon caught up in an exciting mystery that involves a tiny light at her window with a magical past.  Can Milly unlock the riddle of the light before the magic is gone?

Lorraine Ansell



Lorraine Ansell is an experienced voiceover artist and focuses on characters weaving stories through the power of her vocal delivery. She enjoys working on characters that have a story to tell from children to 30s and in British RP and Spanish LAS. Lorraine is located in the UK but works globally.

David Ault

The Journalist


David Ault he won the inaugural Best Actor award at the Audioverse Awards for his role as Byron in The Byron Chronicles in 2013 and has played the lead roles in Colonial Radio Theatre’s releases of Moonfleet and War of the Worlds. You can also hear him weekly on the wonderfully spooky No Sleep Podcast.

Jennifer Dixon



Jennifer is a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Counselor and a veteran of the Michigan Opera and community theaters. She explores the power of words and music to motivate, inspire ,provoke and soothe.  You can contact Jennifer at

Written, Directed & Produced

Rick Coste



Djamila Knopf


Chapter Artwork

Taylor Shaw


Bryar Lane Theme Intro Music

“Level 1 – Draft 1” by Steven O’Brien


Bryar Lane Outro Music

“Dance of the Sprites” by Steven O’Brien



Composed by Rick Coste

Additional score provided by Steven O’Brien

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