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Rick Coste is an American writer and audio producer.  He is best known for his work in audio drama.  His projects include The Behemoth (2016), Bryar Lane (2016), Inhale (2017), and, most recently, the science fiction series Is There Anybody Out There? (2017).  Coste has also contributed to the Women of Marvel, and This Week in Marvel podcasts produced by Marvel Entertainment, as well as the horror anthology series Creepy.  You can contact Rick here.



Voice Work


The Behemoth (2016)

Scotch (2016)

Bryar Lane (2016)

Charlie’s Mailbox (2017)

The Fiona Potts Interview (2017)

Waterguns & Rainbows (2017)

Izzy (2017) (Post-Production)

Inhale (2017) (Production)

Carbon Dreams (2018) 

Pixie-The Devil’s Daughter (2018)

Producer/Podcast Host/Writer

Not About Lumberjacks (ep. ‘Strange Audio’)

Big Data

Greater Boston (ep. 16, 17, 18)

Heavenly Deception 

Small Town Horror (Season 2- Ep 6)

Creepy (ep. ‘No End House’ & ‘Abandoned by Disney’)

Philosophy Walk (2012)

Evolution Talk (2014)

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